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Floral Fashion: 3 Ways (Summer Edition)

Getting ready in the summer is simple, fun and light as opposed to winters where you need to style layers of clothes. Summer outfits can easily be enhance with bright colors or fun prints. At the Blishkins HQ, summers are synonymous with floral.

In fact, we experiment with floral fashion so much that we decided to do a blog post dedicated to the print.  We primarily loved the outfit options offered by SheIn in floral fashion. We picked some of our favorites from the website and style them in 3 unique ways.

Floral outfits can be very dressy or somber depending on the pairing. Scroll down to check out the different ways you could implement the print and tailor it to match your individual style.


blishkins floral 1 blishkins floral 2

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Dark Floral

blishkins floral 3 blishkins floral 4

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blishkins floral 5 blishkins floral 6 blishkins floral 7

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Clearly, we weren’t kidding about our love for florals !

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