Ganpatipule: An Ideal Weekend Getaway

Picture an idyllic, isolated beach with clear aqua-marine water. Imagine a candle lit dinner at this beach with barely a soul in vicinity, tall gazebos to laze on and  mouth watering food. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? What if we told you that such a utopia exists just 5 hours from Mumbai – the perfect weekend getaway.

weekend getaway 1

When we think of Indian beaches, the first place that comes to mind is Goa and its nightlife, parties and beautiful views. We knew that Goa would be extremely busy at this time of the year, so we thought of looking up a few different options. That’s when we stumbled upon Ganpatipule. It seemed like the perfect unexplored location for our weekend getaway!

Located in the Ratnagiri district on the Konkan coast of western India, Ganpatipule is known for it’s ancient Ganesh temple, Konkani food, and beautiful beaches such as the Ganpatipule beach and the Aare Ware beach. It is approximately 350 km away from Mumbai and 300 km away from Goa.

Ratnagiri doesn’t have an airport yet, so the only way to get there is by road or train from Mumbai, Pune or Goa. This makes it slightly inaccessible, but also explains why it’s such an unexplored destination.

We looked up trains to Ratnagiri, and decided to go with Tejas Express. This newly launched high-speed train promises a luxurious experience, reaching from Mumbai to Ratnagiri in only 5 hours (significantly lesser than a regular train). However, as one would expect,  the speed and comfort comes at slightly higher price point.

weekend getaway 3

Next, we looked for hotels and ended up selecting the first option that came up – Blue Ocean Resort & Spa by Apodis. The private beach, spacious rooms, and amazing spa seemed like the perfect weekend getaway for us!

Weekend Getaway: Day 1

The resort car was waiting for us when we reached Ratnagiri. The travel time to the resort was approximately an hour, which included driving by splendid views of forests and beaches.

Upon reaching the resort, we were greeted with a much needed refreshing drink. The club car took us to our villa, which ended up being one of the highlights of our trip. Surrounded by trees on all sides, our villa was spacious, and came with an adorable balcony.

The resort was vast, and the staff was kind enough to give us a guided tour of the property. The restaurant was cute, the pool was beautiful, the villa was beyond amazing and the beach was pristine.

We chilled at the hotel bar overlooking the beach till sunset.

weekend getaway 4

For dinner, we pre-ordered the famous Konkani Thali, which consisted of all the authentic local delicacies and was super tasty! We could really get used to this lifestyle – literally the perfect weekend getaway.

weekend getaway 5

Weekend Getaway: Day 2

We skipped breakfast and ended up ordering room service for lunch. We loved our villa so much, we just didn’t want to leave!

After lunch, we visited the Ganesh temple located on a small hill within the resort. The panoramic beach view from the top was stunning.

After soaking in the view, we decided to go down to the poolside. We sat by the bar and enjoyed some fresh coconut water, and ended up lazing on the pool beds before heading down to the beach side for a pre-planned picnic.

The staff did a magnificent job of setting it up for us. There were starters, wine, candles, along with the view of the setting sun. It was nothing short of perfect. If you’re a romantic soul, then it’s definitely something you should experience!

Day 2 somehow turned out to be better than an already amazing Day 1!

Weekend Getaway: Day 3

We made it a point to wake up for breakfast for our last day, and it was definitely worth it. The set up was adorable. The spread included little pastries, juice, donuts and other breakfast essentials. It was a picture perfect set up!

weekend getaway 7

We knew we would miss the beach the most, and so we went down to spend some time at the gazebos before heading back to our room. The thought of no more sunsets by the beach was already making us sad!

weekend getaway 8

Our last lunch at the resort was full of seafood and some mouth-watering Konkani dishes.

weekend getaway 9

We stopped along the way to capture some beautiful shots of the infinite coastline and the greenery. It felt amazing to get out of the city for some days.

While we had network by the beach, there’s absolutely no signal at the resort itself which helped for a complete detox. Wi-Fi was available at the reception and the restaurant for whenever you missed your data.

Go enjoy this beautiful weekend getaway destination while its still such a hidden gem!

weekend getaway 10

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